Adventure Prospects of North-East India

Of all the worldly pleasures I know, striking things off from the bucket list is one of the greatest. People are amazing and different, but one thing that made it to the bucket list of almost everyone is the thirst for adventure. Trekking, gliding, rafting, camping, kayaking, cliff jumping, bungee jumping, underwater diving, skiing, paragliding, etc. etc. etc. are the things we wish to experience once in our lifetimes, but then we tend to take a step backwards when we have moments of sudden epiphany about the budget and the far away lands that offers these. While fantasising travellers through their channels, little did we know about the various adventures the tiny locale world of Northeast India treasure. Northeast India, a land famous for its creed and cultures is also spoken about when the local lifestyle is highlighted, especially the rural one. People walk through mountains, cross rivers,
pass through forests, and that’s just mere everyday for them. A place like this, with daily activities like such definitely holds potentials to trigger us to get out of our living rooms and explore the wild.

The first activity that takes place in almost all of the states in widespread is the trekking. The Highlands covered and sprinkled with varieties of flora and fauna are a challenging task to overcome. But once at the top, the only thing you feel is all your tiredness and worries expurgating. The treks to reach the Dzukou valley of Nagaland, to the root bridges of Meghalaya, to the David Scott Trail, the Goechala trek in Sikkim, treks in Arunachal Pradesh through the Sela Pass,Phawngpui peak trek of Mizoram are the ones trekkers can’t stay away from. Let us give you some visual depictions….


Northeast India comprising of the 8 siblings states, varies so much in temperature, altitude and weather that given proper funding and plan, it can serve as a Basecamp for almost all adventure sport. But while we talk about what’s potentially possible, these states already emerge as victorious when it comes to camping, rafting, kayaking, caving, zip lining, snorkelling other than Trekking.

Trek up to a place, choose a nice view, decide your bonfire angle and set the camps up. Well all you need is a nice solitary, serene and possibly Highland place, well Bob’s your uncle, that’s Northeast! Fresh air, green carpets and green chandeliers will adorn every path of yours to adventure in nature.

Bike Adventures in North-East are also a must

When we say Northeast, apart from hills, I bet the next thing you’d remember is the mighty River Brahmaputra and it’s tributaries. When we say river, yes for sure, it’s time for all the boating, rafting and kayaking. Not just Brahmaputra, other beautiful rivers and streams adorn the landscapes like a garland of pearls. Streams of Arunachal Pradesh are much known locations for these activities, but there are few other places like Koka from Karbi Anglong and Subansiri with equal potentials and scope for rafting and boating. These places are less explored and hence are yet to be in their full bloom, but once the potentials are utilised, the prime isn’t going anywhere.


We definitely like the freedom, open air of a limitless space, the break free run amidst nature, but sometimes witnessing nature within walls let’s your nerve cells signal your brain with quite a thrill. Yes you guessed it right, I’m now talking about caving. Meghalaya is one place famous for its caves. Caves sometimes dry, sometimes a little filled with water, challenges you a little to find your way out. But don’t worry, the management got it all sorted, they guarantee you won’t get lost, another thing they guarantee is that you’ll have a time of your life.

While on a trip, most people prefer motor vehicles, but few adventure junkies can’t just sit still and look pretty, they cover their way through cycling. Cycling is another activity that’ll please you in these states. Whether it be amidst the tea gardens or at the Largest River Island. These fresh air lands are the perfect places for you to step out of your vehicle and mix exercise with nature.

Recently few tourist spots and campsites have also come up with zip lining and snorkelling. You can experience that at Shnongpedeng where clear water meets the rocky shore.


And few waterfall sights and river sights provide you the amazing opportunity of jumping off the cliff to experience butterflies ending in a calm yet overwhelming happiness at the end of a cul-de-sac.

Cliff jumping at Shnongpedeng


People of Northeast have always been accepting and excited and also fun enough to try new activities. They know their land, and these adventure activities are like a day to day activity to many natives. Come here, and for once be a part of these Highlands and experience the life of adventure and thrill mixed with serenity.