Jaunting Through the Scenic Beauty of Lower Dibang Valley of Arunachal Pradesh

The name Arunachal Pradesh brings to our mind the charming vista of giant mountains draped with virgin clouds, of the fresh and lively rivers that sing songs of life, of the friendly monks at lovely pagodas, and of the local people who signify the simplicity of the land. The state comprises of east and west divisions, and in this blog we are going to share information about the places of interest in and around Lower Dibang Valley of East Arunachal, including Siang district, Lohit district and Namsai.

Roads of Arunachal Pradesh
Roads of Arunachal Pradesh

Are the locations well-connected ?

—>  The locations although a little far from one another are well connected. Pasighat is accessible from Dibrugarh, and from the Tinsukia district of Assam. Roing, also can be reached by the latter route, which leads you through the longest bridge in India (Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Setu) to the borders from where you can issue an inner line permit. Pasighat of Siang district, being a busy town, has more convenient modes of transportation than the rest of the locations. Making prior arrangements of transportation for the tour is hence necessary for convenient touring.

What are some of the tourist-worthy locations of East Arunachal ?

—> Pasighat of East Siang district- Being the oldest town of Arunachal, the place promises an engaging time if you are interested in exploring local markets. The Siang river which flows by this district is an exemplary representation of nature, untouched and pristine, that provides an awe-inspiring view!


—> Roing of Lower Dibang Valley- Crossing the borders you would immediately perceive the elegant calmness of Arunachal Pradesh, whose beauty thrives in its green mountains, the graceful rivers and its small towns of course. Roing, no doubt is a beauty of this sort which speaks of its giant mountains lying one beneath the other in harmony with the zestful waters of the Deopani river.

—-> Mayodia Pass – If you wish to go ahead on the roads of Roing to Mayodia Pass (elevation 8,711 ft), it is advisable to continue only if the driver is skilful enough for the risky roads, some parts of which are not concrete and still under construction. The route however promises you a pious landscape of snow covered mountains that, without a doubt, is a breathtaking view to behold!


—-> Parashuram Kund of Lohit district- Although there are two routes to Parshuram Kund via Tezu and Wakro, the latter is recommended as the former one is quite isolated and perilous. The site at Parshuram Kund is astounding, and you can even take a stop and actually drive down to spend some memorable time by the green waters of Lohit River, or even climb down the steps to the Kund.

View of Parashuram Kund
View of Parashuram Kund

—-> Golden Peace Pagoda of Lohit district- On the Wakro-Chongkham road lies the Golden Peace Pagoda where you can see the beautiful architecture and the magnificent idols. Crossing the small stream that lies just next to it, you’ll find a few more structures, and you cannot but feel like spending some time by the steps down the stream and listen to the sound of nature and spirituality.

—-> Golden Pagoda of Namsai– Coming to this location, you can have a view of the world’s tallest bamboo statue of Buddha. Maintained in a pristine manner, the premises are filled with beautiful plantations of trees and shrubs. At the center is the golden pagoda, which lits up beautifully as dusk approaches. On special occasions, they even serve food to visitors as a mark of blessing.

What are the perks of visiting Arunachal Pradesh ?

—-> When you come to this land, it’s not just the mountains and the rivers that you get to see, but also come to learn about the type of life, and the principles followed by the Buddhist monks. Consider yourself lucky, if you are just in time at Golden pagoda for the evening sight and the fountain show. Plus, Arunachal Pradesh has quite a few things that can be considered cheaper as to that in Assam..!


What is the best time to visit Arunachal ?

—-> There’s no season that makes a trip to Arunachal an undesirable one. Anyhow winter would be a pleasant time to go for an Arunachali sightseeing experience. Try to avoid the heavy monsoons and dry seasons, as they would make the roads to Mayodia Pass riskier, and make the river waters scantier in the latter case. If you want to enjoy the Sangken festival celebrated by the natives in the name of Lord Buddha, accompanied by the water splashing tradition, April is the time you should book your dates in..!


What would you take away from this trip to Arunachal ?

—-> Life can get pretty busy and messy sometimes. And tedious times like this call for a break for one to understand peace, patience and order. The essence of Arunachal lies in its serene elegance, peace and calmness that inspires makes everyone to learn from this land of dawn-lit beauty. The Buddhist monks and the pagodas too, emit an aura of patience and discipline that teaches us to find peace amidst the chaos and endure patiently as we try to navigate through the crossroads of life.

17. A scenic view of the distant mountains
A scenic view of the distant mountains

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