Loktak-Where streams meet

“Manipur” – whenever I hear the word Manipur the scenes that flashes in my mind were the floating mushy islands from the Loktak Lake, that very lake I have been hearing of since my high school days. And this curiosity inside me kept growing along the years and I decided to fulfill this wish of mine at the earliest. Finally after months of researching and references I was finally able to make up my plan and started from Guwahati to Imphal through Air Asia and started for the most anticipated journey of 2019. I was able to get some glimpses of the Loktak lake through the window of the aircraft which made me even more curious.


What is Loktak?

Loktak is a Meitei word meaning-The point where streams meet.The lake is famous for the floating islands called Phumdis.The Phumdis of Loktak too serve as home for the endangered Sangai(the brow antlered deer,also the state animal nested in Keibul Lamjao National Park.It is the largest fresh water lake in India with an area of 287 sq kms.

Where is Loktak lake ?

Loktak lake is situated at Moirang which is about 45 kms from the city of Imphal.Imphal is well connected with other parts of the country through flights and if you want to reach Imphal by roadways you can take up the Dimapur-Imphal road via Kohima or the Silchar-Imphal road via Jiribam.Trust me none of the journeys will be boring.

How to reach Loktak ?

To reach Moirang you can either take a bus or winger from Wahengbamleikai stand situated in the main centre of Imphal city..There are numerous autos from Moirang town which will take you to the Loktak lake.

Things not to miss ?

The first thing not to miss when you reach Loktak is to take a boat ride in the traditional wooden boats and try boating on your own.Don’t forget to wear your lifejackets as well.

Well, best part of my trip ?

The soothing Sunset and sunrise views from Loktak and If you are a photography enthusiast like me you will never be bored taking photos of the Loktak.If my words don’t convince you you should have a look over these photos as well.

Best time to visit ?

Winters give the best scenes and experiences in Loktak. The best time to visit Loktak is between November to March.Be sure to carry some winter clothes as the temperature drops during night around the lake.

Other activities to do ?

Loktak offers so many possibilities that you will always run short of time during your visit. Be it boating or swimming ,you can test your fishing skills too.Boast off your swimming skills among your group in the fresh waters of loktak .You might as well pay a visit to the Keibul Lamjao National Park to check out the endangered Sangai.If you enjoy bird watching this place won’t disappoint you at all with the various local and migratory birds.Don’t forget to try the local fish cuisine in and around Loktak too.

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